Investing in a house with a pool


Last time we posted we talked to you guys about investing in a house with the roof, a tile roof in specific. Today we will be talking to you about investing in a house that has a pool. It is good to invest in homes that have something extra on them because it will make the value of them so much higher and make them stand out to renters.

This type of investment is more geared towards having renters because the pool is what makes them want to rent even more because they will have something fun to do.

One of the hottest markets for investing in real estate, particularly in houses with pools, is in Tennessee. If you are in the Tennessee market or are looking to buy in Tennessee, please contact We Buy Houses Murfreesboro Tennessee and they will be able to walk you through the entire process of buying a home with a pool.

When you have a pool attached to your house you can charge a lot more for rent because people will pay more to swim in the pool. It has been said that people will pay up to as much as $400 more a month to swim in a pool for just three months out of the year. Do you think about it for a second and you do the math, then you are talking about $4800 for the year just because you have a pool.

They will see a pool for so many uses. There’s just so much you can do with the pool like having barbecues, swimming by yourself, having pool parties, and many other fun activities. The renters will see your house as a place to go because it will be the house that you could have fun in. We also recommend that you buy a very large  House to accommodate that pool so that it will definitely be a place where they can have nice get-togethers. When you have a very expensive house you can charge large amounts of rent as well.

One thing we suggest that you do instead of renting out to our yearly person, you should put it on Airbnb. We recommend that you go and pick up the house in a place like Las Vegas where a lot of people come to vacation because if you have a house with a pool a lot of tourists will pay up to $700 a night to stay in your house. If you can constantly book at your house day after day then you are making a lot money.  And if you do this with multiple homes you will be able to have a very high monthly income. Maybe you were the person who wants to live in that house as well. If you are renting it out by the day on a travel website then you can live in your house in the season that you’re looking to you and basically pay for a whole year’s mortgage with the rest of the time that you are renting it out.

This is one of the best forms of investment when it comes to homes because you’re going to make a lot of money with the house like this. With normal houses you can only rent them out one way but with the house that has a pool you can rent it out in many different ways. And once the mortgage is paid off then you can sell it and make all your money back. So you will have  made a lot per month before and then you can cash out in 10 years or so and get a really big check!

If you are looking for a company to build your pool because your house does not have one yet, then we would recommend that you read more about pool builders in the area-so what are you waiting for, check it out!